April 24/25 – Morris on…

Ali's new face paint design...

Nothing much happens on Sunday but on bank holiday Monday we head off to Pitstone Museum to play for Wicket Brood Morris. Both Ali and Lisa dance with this border morris side and we all play in the band. Technically, I may well be breaking the law when I do so as I play my headless stick bass through a small battery-powered amplifier (sort of a solid body, electric trombone). This means I risk up to a six months prison sentence and/or a fine of up to £20,000 as I don’t have a licence for public performance. Some might say that this too lenient for playing morris music but in fact the morris is specifically exempted from the legislation as long as the music is ‘unamplified’. As usual we turn up too late to take part in the first set. It’s another cracking day weather-wise.

I’ve not been to the museum before and found it pretty interesting. It’s all run by volunteers and usually only open on every second Sunday and Bank Holidays. More of a collection of local exhibits than an integrated collection.

There were also quite a few external displays such as vetran motor cars and trucks – including some military vehicles. There was also a display of small utility stationary engines – mainly internal combustion petrol driven units. I chatted to a retired farmer who had also worked as tractor salesman / delivery driver. He was telling me how, as the tractors had two stroke engines, it was possible to accidentally start them up in reverse which could baffle the farmers who used them.

Had to leave early to get Lisa to the station so she could catch her train back up north. On the way back we drove though the back of Slip End and Caddington to suss out whether ththe area is worth considering when we decide to move.

About Brian Heywood

Brian Heywood is a free range musician who specialises in edgy roots / country / celtic fusion music. Previous work has received comments such as "... aggressive, top notch fiddling set off by periodic guitar explosions." - Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen Magazine (USA), "Just when it seemed as if newer electric British roots bands were getting thinner on the ground - Very welcome and very good." - fROOTS Magazine (UK) and Steve Barnes Fairbridge Festival Artistic Director (Australia) - "... a rocking band - I was delighted with the audience response."
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