April 5th – Down to London Town…

The new logo...I was down on London today to meet up with some of my fellow Musicians’ Union (MU) Executive Committee (EC) members and the secretariat discussing union business. MU members sometimes don’t realise how much input they have into the running and development of the union. The MU is constantly evolving to meet the changing environment of today’s music business. All this is done in conjunction with a very skilled and, more importantly, highly motivated professional staff, many of whom have practical experience in all aspects of the music industry.

The members of the union can be involved in every level of decision making within the union from local issues to the overall future policies and structure of the organisation of the union. Regional committees, the various specialist sections and the EC are ways of getting involved in the union. I don’t know about other unions since this the only one I’ve ever been in, but the MU definitely is not some beurocratic behemoth with it’s own agenda.

If you are a member and you don’t want to get involved in this aspect of your trade union then that’s cool as well. But if you ever think “the union should be doing …” then all the levers are there for you to have your say.

Check out the new website for more information about this and to check out the recent additions to your benefits. And if you are a working muso and you’re not the union, what on earth are you thinking of?


About Brian Heywood

Brian Heywood is a free range musician who specialises in edgy roots / country / celtic fusion music. Previous work has received comments such as "... aggressive, top notch fiddling set off by periodic guitar explosions." - Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen Magazine (USA), "Just when it seemed as if newer electric British roots bands were getting thinner on the ground - Very welcome and very good." - fROOTS Magazine (UK) and Steve Barnes Fairbridge Festival Artistic Director (Australia) - "... a rocking band - I was delighted with the audience response."
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